A Writers Best Friend

I read somewhere that a writers life is a solitary one.  In many ways that must be true.  It’s hard to find time for writing between my job, my son, and my social life.  I had to cut down in one of those areas, and unfortunately my social life took the brunt of it.

Today, I was feeling really down.  My car is gone and without it, I was stranded.  I spent my morning reading “Fire” by Kristin Cashmore in bed.  I had no intentions of leaving the house.

I was surprised when my doorbell rang.  I was even more surprised to see my friend Sara holding a coffee and 2 boxes of donuts for me.  Of course, I welcomed her in. 

While sipping my coffee, Sara asked me how I feeling.  I admitted I was a little down.  Who wouldn’t be after their first car died. Then she asked if I wanted a donut.

I opened the donut box and nearly dropped my coffee.  Inside was a bound copy of my current work in progress – the very same one that I was heading to Ottawa to get the day my car broke down.  I was almost in tears.

Every writer needs someone like my Sara in their lives.  We all need someone who will support us and build us up when we are down.  Even if it’s something little…like a special delivery. 🙂


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