Overactive Imagination

On Saturday, my friend and I were coming back to my car from a concert.  It was really late and the parking lot was dark.  As I fumbled to push my keys into the lock, I noticed my reflection in the car window.  Behind me I could see the shadow of a man.  I spun around but there was nothing there.

And as I felt the chill of fear skim up my neck, I noticed another emotion as well.  Excitement.

I’m currently writing a novel about zombies.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could write in a scene that had my heroine caught off guard by her own reflection? 

On the way home, I ran over phrases and sentences that could properly convey the alarm and sudden fear she would experience.  And once I got home, I pulled out a sheet and quickly wrote it all down.  (If I had let myself sleep – I would have lost it.)

I know I have an overactive imagination.  I’m always daydreaming when I drive or walk somewhere.  And I can’t help but see things that sometimes aren’t there – just for the fun of it.  I like to ask questions that start with “What if…” and figure out answers for them. 

But then again, I imagine a lot of people do this, they just don’t dwell on it the same way I do. 🙂


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