Why Hater let me down…

Long weekends are the best.  They give me an excuse to sit outside with a cooler and book.  I was lucky enough to read two books this weekend.  I finally read the first Sookie Stackhouse book – Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris.  While getting my haircut, my hairdresser Kristine scolded me for not reading them already.

It was the kick in the butt I needed.  I’m currently reading the second one.  I have a lot of catching up to do.

The other book I finished was Hater by David Moody.  Hater was promising – lots of action in the first few pages, great character development and a storyline that left you fearful and intrigued. Perfect.

I strongly feel novels should pull some sort of emotion from you. Hater did that.  Hater made me feel fearful, curious and at times, disgusted.

However, about three-quarters of the way through the book, there was a twist in the novel that turned me right off the book.

I don’t want to spoil it for those who want to read this book – so I’ll try to be as vague as possible.  Something happened to the main character, Danny, that suddenly made it impossible for me to connect with him.  The first half of the novel, I was drawn to Danny.  I loved his honesty and feared for him when the violence started.  But then that all changed, and I felt Danny was emotionless and I couldn’t connect anymore.

I noticed that there is a sequel called Dog Blood that came out in June.  I will not be picking it up.  However, I might pick up Autumn – one of David Moody’s other books.  We’ll see.


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