Is Speling Importent?

I have been using a computer since grade five which means three things.

One – I’ve been able to type 40 words per minute since grade seven.

Two – My printing is atrocious

Three – I rely way too much on my computers spell check.

I realized this a few days ago.  I decided to give my laptop a break and tried writing the old-fashioned way.  I pulled out a notebook and searched my house for a pen that worked (Apparently I have a collection of dead pens).

About two pages in, my hand was cramping and I couldn’t read what I had just written. Not only that – but I had spelled at least one word wrong in each sentence.  I was shocked.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to fix this problem.  I don’t want to write everything by hand – typing is so much faster.  Maybe I’ll just have to pay more attention to my spelling and make an effort to learn the proper spelling.

I guess I should buy a dictionary.  What do you guys think?  Is spelling important?


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One Response to Is Speling Importent?

  1. adammcgregor says:

    I do believe that spelling is important, but only when used in a final product. If you are scribbling down notes and such, spelling mistakes are going to happen. Though at the time that you are going to use the document or comment it should be checked as all things should.

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