Why I spend way too much time looking at baby name websites…

Sometimes, the hardest thing about writing a story is deciding what names the main characters are going to have.  There are so many factors involved with creating characters. You want to pick a name that’s not too hard to pronounce, and suits the genre.  But most of all – you want pick a name that the readers will believe.

People will be thrown off by an alien king named Jim.  Just like they will have a hard time believing the sweet grandmother who was born in the 50’s is actually named Bananalee Zoraif.

Yesterday, I spent two hours on babynames.com looking up different names and what they mean.

I try not to use names of people I know.  My friends are suspicious enough when I tell them I’m writing.  If I used the name Sara or Andrea or Frances… my friends would probably have an issue with that.

I did find a few names I liked.

Greer – means Guardian.  I love the way it sounds, prints and I can already imagine what Greer looks like.  I decided this name was a keeper.

Camilla – means Perfect.  Wow…talk about having large shoes to fill.  What kind of character could live up to that name?

Ethan – means Firm, Strong.  I would love to give this to a physically weak character whose spirit was strong.

Linda – means Pretty One.  Now, I do know a Linda.  However perhaps I could change the spelling a bit and call the character Lynda.  Do you think that would work?

What do you guys look for in a character name?  (Or even when naming your own children)  Does the meaning matter?  Do you sometimes change the vowels to make it different?


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