Quick Question about Zombies

My question is simple.  If the world is overrun with the living dead, where would you go to hide?

Literature and movies have come to different conclusions about safe locations.  In Resident Evil, it seems like the only option is to keep moving or go up North with the hope the cold kept the Zombies away.  In Carrie Ryan’s, the Forest of Hands and Teeth, the Unconsecrated are kept at bay by large chain link fences.  In Dawn of the Dead, they manage to escape on a boat (I don’t think that turned out too well for them).

So, what do you guys think?  Where would you hide?


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2 Responses to Quick Question about Zombies

  1. kristine pollard says:

    the safest place would be where ever u will be…cuz u would know the best places and the right tools to fight off zombies 🙂

  2. adriennebarr says:

    LOL! Yes Kristine, I would keep you safe from the Zombies… because you’ll have Alyssa with you and she’s so absolutely adorable. We’ll paint each other’s nails and then cut zombies head’s off with chainsaws. It will be like Girl Guide Camp…sort of…

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