It’s best not to compare…

This weekend, I made myself a list of things I wanted to accomplish.  It went something like this:

  • Do the dishes
  • Finish reading On Writing by Stephen King
  • Write
  • Do the laundry
  • Clean my bedroom
  • Get groceries
  • Work on my scrapbook
  • Go to the Fair

My weekend didn’t turn out how I planned.  The laundry and dishes got done, only because I could read On Writing in between loads.  Emmett begged me to read Dr. Seuss which is why my bedroom never got cleaned up. (He loves Daisy-Head Mayzie right now)

I’m almost done On Writing by Stephen King (I only have 30 pages left).  And I learned Stephen King tries to write 2000 words per day and reads 70-80 books per year.

70-80 BOOKS PER YEAR!!!  Holy Jumpins! I’m just aiming for 50.  And I’m lucky if I find time to write 1000 words a day.

Part of me wants to up my game…but I know that’s impossible.  I won’t bite off more than I can chew.  50 books/year and 1000 words per day is my standard, and that’s what I’ll stick with.

Are there any other writers out there?  Do you guys find it hard to find time to read and write?


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6 Responses to It’s best not to compare…

  1. Andréa says:

    Keep in mind that Stephen King doesn’t have a 3-year-old running around and writing is his job so I think that 50 books/year and 1000 words/day is very admirable for someone who does have a toddler and a full-time job!

  2. kristine pollard says:

    i used to read that many books when i was younger.. sweet valley all the way…

  3. adammcgregor says:

    Yeah I have found my time for reading and writing has gone down a lot. I used to do a lot of writing during the good ol’ days, but now I scramble for time and have found my writing focus has changed from novel writing to short story, poetry, and gaming.
    My reading has also taken a blow. I used to read about four to six books a month, but since I have moved I have not been able to get a good “reading” area in my apartments, this may change with the move to a new house though.
    Keep up the good work Adrienne, hoping to have you on my shelf.

    • adriennebarr says:

      Yes, Adam – it is strange how things change. When I was younger I wrote a lot of romance and medieval stuff (knights, wizards, hunky ex-dragon slayers with haunted pasts…sigh). And my reading followed those lines too.
      But now, I read and enjoy a wide variety of novels. However, I do think my heart stays with supernatural books.
      I’ve always found time to read – although I didn’t have a lot of time when my son was a newborn.
      I stopped writing when I went to college and started again when I left. And finding time to write is still my biggest challenge. But I love writing so I steal moments out of my day (eg. Sitting in the bathroom with a pad of paper and pen while my son giggles and splashes away)
      I hope you keep writing. 🙂

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