Playing Hide and Seek with my Muse

I’m sure we all have these moments. You know what I’m talking about.  It’s the moment when you realize that you are in a rut – you’re bored – your life has been boiled down to a boring routine of work, cleaning, TV and sleep.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about – then I’m very jealous of you.

But for me, these moments happen from time to time.  This past week was one of them.  I sat down at my computer to write and the words just wouldn’t come.  I curled up in bed with a book and my eyes just couldn’t retain the words.  I walked into the kitchen the only meal I could think of cooking was grilled cheese and Kraft dinner. (No Joke.  Thank goodness my son LOVES Kraft dinner)

I stayed up late last night, pondering why I was feeling this way.  Is it the weather?  Is it writers block?  Do I need to be more creative?

I’ve decided to take a proactive approach to this dilemma.  Tonight I am going to force myself to write, even if that means writing “I will write something” over and over again. But before that, I’m going to switch up my routine. My son and I will be having breakfast for dinner and we are going for a nice walk to see the changing leaves.

Inspiration comes to different people in different ways.  Some people are inspired by TV or movies.  Some people are inspired by music.  Some people are inspired by real events or things that happen to them in daily life.

So, what inspires you?  How do you find your muse again?  What is the cure for Writer’s Block?


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One Response to Playing Hide and Seek with my Muse

  1. adammcgregor says:

    The things that inspire me are music and the events in my own life, as I tend to write more prose and small little things than anything big.

    To find my muse I just lay back and try to listen or reflect on the past.

    As for a cure for Writer’s Block I have yet to find one save for a good strong drink, then the ideas truly begin to flow.

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