Our Favourite Children’s Books

Lately, my son and I have been doing a lot of reading. It’s heart-warming to see his love for books grow.  (He gets that from me).  So, today I want to go through some of our favourite children’s stories.

Love you Forever by Robert Munsch brings me to tears.  I remember my mom reading this to me when I was a child.  And when I read it to my son, I feel like I’m passing on a family secret. Only now do I finally understand that look in my mom’s eye when she got to the last page. 

(Love you mom!)

Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree by Eileen Christelow is my son’s favourite book at the moment.  It’s an altered version of “five little monkeys jumping on the bed“.  We’ve read it so many times that my boy now has it memorized.  What a smart kid. 🙂

Pie Rats Ahoy by Richard Scarry was my brother’s favourite.  I know because he made me read it over and over again. My son loves pirates so I really wanted to read this one to him.  The only problem – I haven’t been able to find it yet. 

Does anyone know where I can find this book?

In grade three, I was required to memorize a book and tell it to the class.  My mom decided to help me work on Mama Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joosse.  I believe I did well.  I can’t remember.  But I do remember struggling with reading words like umiak and ptarmigan. (A umiak is a boat made of whalebone and covered in animal skins.  A ptarmigan is a bird found in Alaska) The book was riddled with difficult words to say (let alone read). My mom claims she was trying to challenge me.  I think she was trying a new form of torture.

So what about you?  What books are your children begging you to read?  Do you have a childhood favourite?


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