Reading, Writing, What else is new…

It’s been ten days since I last wrote anything on here (Oops…my bad) so I’ll break this post up into three parts and I’ll try to be as summarized as I can.  🙂

WHAT AM I CURRENTLY READING? A week ago I was completely captivated by Stolen by Lucy Christopher.  It’s about a young girl, Gemma, who is kidnapped and held against her will in the Australian desert.  The kidnapper, a gentle blue-eyed man named Ty, not only stole Gemma but also all my free time for about two days.  The story is written like a letter from Gemma to Ty and it’s not only honest, but riveting.

I won’t lie – towards the end, I think I had Stockholm Syndrome.  I was sympathizing with Ty and secretly hoped Gemma and Ty would work out.

Since finishing Stolen, I have picked up two other novels.  I’m almost finished The New Vampires Guide by Anita Serwacki (I borrowed from my friend Kristine).  It’s funny – a definite read if you love Vampire novels.

And I recently started Room by Emma Donoghue.  It’s from five-year old Jack’s point of view and depicts how he and his Ma live in “Room”.  So far (and I’m only 30 pages in) I can tell they are being kept there against their will but I’m not sure why yet.  Even though the whole story stays inside one room; it’s very imaginative and I can’t wait to finish it.

WHAT AM I WRITING? A Query Letter!

I’ve been researching how to write a query letter since Spring 2010 and I’m only starting to write one now.  Turns out – It’s a lot harder than I thought.  I basically have to summarize my entire story in a few paragraphs.

The Query Shark Blog ( has been a great help in this endeavor.  Also the blog Pub Rants ( has some great information about the publishing world as well as great examples of query letters and opening pages that have snagged literary agents.

I’m also considering going to a writers conference to network with literary agents and get some direction on how to improve my writing.  Plus – it would be an awesome adventure!

WHAT ELSE IS NEW? The Ottawa International Writers Festival is just around the corner.  October 20-26th, Ottawa will be showcasing some amazing authors and hosting great events.  I hope to attend the “Outsiders” Event on October 26th which features three authors including Emma Donoghue, author of Room (see above).  Also, my mom and I are going November 8th to hear Margaret Trudeau speak about her book “Changing My Mind”. 

Well, that’s it for now.  Let me know what you guys have been up too?  Is anyone planning on attending the Ottawa International Writers Festival?


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