Where are your books?

This past weekend, I decided to finally organize and clean up my books that somehow got scattered everywhere since Christmas. (This sudden need to clean may or may not have been inspired by my mother and sisters visit)

So I started collecting up my books.  I was shocked at where they were hiding.  I found them in piles on and beside my bookcase, by my bed, on top of the couch, on the coffee table, on the kitchen table, in the car, in the trunk of the car, in my son’s bedroom, on my son’s bookcase (Yes – he has his own bookcase), in the closet, on my desk, in my kitchen cupboards (I found that one when putting my groceries away), in my purse, etc. etc.

And after I pulled the one out from under my pillow, I realized I have a problem.  I’m like one of those bad Sims characters which just leaves a book on the floor when done reading it (Yes – I play Sims 3 as well).

So – I’ve made a New Years resolution.  My goal is to keep most of my books on the bookshelf and only take down the ones I’m reading and when done – put them back in order.

So – am I the only one who suffers from dis-organizational book-hoarding?  Where is the strangest place you’ve found a book?


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I love books!
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