Five things I shouldn’t be doing…but doing anyway…

1) Watching Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory and Nikita. My TV has PVR.  What I should be doing is trying to move that mountain of laundry out of my room and into the washer.

2) Reading The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard during the commercials / breaks.  (My original plan was to do the dishes…ha!)

3) Eating dry cereal.  I was going to make a nice dinner – with veggies and everything!  But then I wanted Captain Crunch…and my son drank the last of the milk last night and didn’t warn me.  Thus, I’m eating it dry. 

4) Playing on Facebook/Twitter.  Once again…laundry, dishes, groceries…there are a lot more productive things I could be doing. 

5) Daydreaming about Ed Westwick (actor who plays Chuck Bass off of Gossip Girl) reading City of Fallen Angels to me.  Now – this is an excellent way to waste time.  🙂

Speaking of Ed Westwick…


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