30 Days of Books – A book that makes you sad

30 Days of Books – Day Four – A book that makes you sad.

I’ve read a lot of books that don’t have happy endings, but the one that pulled on my heart-strings the hardest had to be My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult.

On a class trip to New York (many years ago) one of my classmates broke out into tears.  When we asked if she was okay, she explained it was because she was reading this book and just couldn’t hold it in.  Immediately – I was curious.  A few days later, I completely understood what she meant.

The story is about a family (Mom, Dad, Big Brother, Middle Sister Kate and Little Sister Anna) and how they deal when Kate’s cancer requires her little sister Anna to donate a kidney.  But 13 year old Anna hires a lawyer to fight for medical emancipation, even though she was a conceived to be a perfect match for Kate when Kate was first diagnosed.  (There is so much more to this – you have to read the book to fully understand.)

Also – if you’ve seen the movie (the one with Cameron Diaz) you NEED to read the book.  The ending was dramatically changed in the movie and isn’t as good as the book.


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