30 Days of Books – A book you love but everyone else hates

30 Days of Books – Day Eight – A book you love but everyone else hates.

Uh oh.  I’m about to shoot myself in the foot.

Okay – I admit it.  For all you Twi-hards out there…I am 100% Team Jacob.  I love him.  So obviously one of my favourite books is New Moon (the second book in the Twilight Series) by Stephenie Meyers.


(Seriously – stop reading here unless you’ve read the book)

I know why most people don’t like this book. Edward (the vampire) isn’t in most of it.

In this book Edward leaves and breaks Bella’s heart and most people read this book JUST to see when Edward comes back.  No one really gives Jacob a chance.

I heard somewhere that you have to read New Moon twice – the first time, you are just waiting for Edward to return.  But the second time, you fall in love with Jacob – and that is so true.

Go Team Jacob!  (I hope you all still love me in spite of this little confession)


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